Azend Technologies and Careers360 develop a comprehensive Recruitment and Talent Upskilling platform

Careers360 connects job seekers and employers by offering a transparent, easy-to-use solution for finding new careers and new candidates, respectively. Azend employed the latest features in the global recruitment space to a traditional Sri Lankan job market; from profile matching to analytics driven recruitment.

For job seekers provides job seekers (from fresh graduates, to executives, to senior managers) with an interactive alternative to a traditional job search industry in Sri Lanka.

Job seekers can create profiles, update them with their latest work experiences and skills, and apply directly for vacant positions. Alternatively, candidates have the option of being directly approached by potential recruiters using Careers360’s headhunting feature. All this with no cost to the candidate.

Job seekers can sign up with at Careers360 | Sign Up for no cost.

For employers

Careers360 provides employers with a single source of truth; find and manage adverts and applications in a single platform. Employers can find features they would be accustomed to in global recruitment tools, such as headhunting, profile matching, and pre-screening questions to name a few. In addition, leverages data analytics tools to provide insights to employers to find the most effective methods of tailoring their adverts. offers a suite of packages catering to individual job adverts, to corporates looking for a cost-effective mass hiring option.

The platform, designed and developed by Azend, is based on a lightweight, innovative, easy to use web portal. It has a scalable structure that allows for a continuous stream of new innovations to be added, including features for allowing members to upskill themselves through online course providers, machine learning, and blockchain based features to drive transparency in recruitment.

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