Azendtech is contracted by FaunaBio for app dev services

Azendtech has been selected by Fauna Bio, a leading Silicon Valley-based biotechnology firm pioneering the fields of comparative, computational and translational genomics, to help modernize FaunaBio’s suite of software applications used by the company’s research teams.

Countless people die every year from non-communicable illnesses like heart-disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s Disease, or otherwise suffer debilitating, long-term symptoms. To foster better health outcomes for patients suffering from these illnesses, FaunaBio identifies gene networks with protective targets, which in turn enables the development of drugs with very specific targets.

FaunaBio takes a broad approach, by first identifying and understanding the protective mechanisms that enable other mammals – some of which are far more disease resistant than humans – and then by developing appropriate treatments.

Azendtech initially assisted FaunaBio to improve their overall deployment architecture on AWS, and has just commenced development on a new and more efficient visualization software for studying overlapping gene networks and identifying targets. The task engages a cross-functional team, drawing upon expertise in app dev, business analysis and user experience design.

“Though our work with FaunaBio, we are excited to expand deeper into the biotech space,” says Chamindu Munasinghe, CTO of Azendtech. “We are proud to have been selected and our work with FaunaBio will allow us to improve our domain knowledge in functional genomics and biology. We look forward to buckling down and doing great things for FaunaBio in the coming months.”

Azendtech is a software services company headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka with affiliations in the USA, the United Kingdom and Dubai. They provide software development consulting services to a global clientele, as well as incubate their own software products, including Careers360 and

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