Our Culture

Onwards and Upwards, in true Azendian Style!

Our culture is one of

  • Innovation

  • Collaboration

  • Excellence

  • Resilience

bound together by a deeper connection. We are like a family that will grow like a tree but are bonded by one trunk that reflects a common vision and which is rooted by values to weather any storm. The fruit we bear will serve our families, communities, countries, regions and possibly the world!

Life at Azend

Putting smiles to faces

At Azend Technologies, we strive to uncomplicate the lives of people. we do this not just through the regular practice of useful innovation and thought leadership, but also by aspiring to make the workplace a profoundly satisfying source of meaning in the lives of our team.

We want our team to develop deep work and life skills that are scalable across careers, in an era where a person’s lifetime would likely foster multiple careers. We want to facilitate this skills-development experience in an atmosphere where the families of our global teams thrive along with the company

In the end, we want people – our users, our clients and our team – to pause work at the end of each day with a genuine simile on their face. We believe this is an attainable and sustainable way of life, and we have stories to tell that support our vision.

Team quips

Voice from within

At Azend Technologies, The opportunities are limitless. I have always been into HR. But At Azendtech, I discovered my passion towards marketing

Rovina Vandersay Head of HR & Careers360

Design and art have always been my passion. The mentoring I get from Azend has been great and I’m glad to work with this team

Madusha Wickramasinghe Intern UI/UX

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