Growing your agribusiness, digitally

Over the past decade we have seen a surge of activity in the retail food value chain, the emergence of disruptive platforms, democratising food delivery, from take-out to fresh produce. This has resulted in a parallel growth in demand from the agricultural value chain, from fresher produce to more sustainable approaches to agricultural management. Added to the mix, consumer preferences have shifted towards becoming more aware of the produce that they consume, seeing a rise in the need for transparency.

At Azend, we have capitalized on decades of experience in Agriculture and Mechanization, carefully merging it with our technological expertise to develop solutions that help bridge the transition from Agri 1.0 to Agri 4.0.

In collaboration with DIMO and Siemens, we have established scalable smart tunnel solutions, that offer growers, both commercial and individual, the ability to remotely monitor and control their cultivations, 24x7. Our agritech portfolio includes value additions such as:

-Scalable embedded sensors for real-time data collection, wherever you may be.

-Data visualisation and analytics tools down to the crop level, monitoring the metrics that matter.

-Automated environment controls driven by machine learning to help reduce overheads and wastage.

-Tracking produce through the entire value chain, from seed-to-shop.

Whether it’s managing multiple cultivations in a constantly changing environment, optimising yield to grow the perfect produce, or ensuring transparency to buyers across the world, Azend will give you the peace of mind to focus on growing your agribusiness and making a difference.

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